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            The goddess alliance 3



            The chaos War (in 340 BC)

               Shengfu Eyre (Sapphire), meaning star sapphire. Humans, elves, orcs, dragons and other races in this vibrant, common development of reproduction.

               However, in order to expand the strength, to spread the plague in Hades secretly heights and pollution almost all of the eggs, and "human territory in the world tree can purify the plague" told the dragons, dragons battled for human to lure. The Black Dragon King Ulysses from the other dragons to Shengfu, Eyre broke into the central highlands, and to "life or death" means of coercion, forced the native race -- the orcs into one's own camp. Two kingdoms the greatest Freeman Kingdom and the kingdom of Pammel formed a human camp, invasion against the dragon, with good elves and humans have been in the Elven King Harrington led joined the human camp.

               The five kingdoms, the four races and the two camps began the battle of chaos. At the beginning of the war, the camp occupy the absolute advantage, the human forces retreated to the Great Rift Valley to the south of the wrath of god. For some reason, the cunning Hades, at this time, revealed to Freeman I the place of "the crown of immortal", which was enough to change the war.  The young king Freeman and Palmer decided to lead an elite team, looking for the eternal crown. In the hall of King Pammel, aware of the eternal crown of evil breath, advised Freeman I give up, however, attracted by the powerful Freeman unmoved, insisted the eternal crown put on. The powerful dark forces poured into Freeman's whole body and made him fall into a coma. When he woke up, found the entire squad, including King Pammel hunt died in his sword.

               With the eternal crown return Freeman I claimed was the dragon's treasure hunt team raid, and forged in the testament served as regent of the kingdom of Palmer. The tense political situation, facing the forces of King Freeman, the kingdom of the Pammel number two man army - the heart of the mountain, Odin had to admit the validity of the testament. With the help of the living crown forces, Freeman I started the counterattack of the war, by the dragons, orcs take landless started getting a little back to the human camp control.



               But after winning a invincible force at the same time, Freeman and has also been the eternal crown erosion, he became violent, bloodthirsty, indifference, and desire to win over all the territory. Mad Freeman in the massacre of prisoners and refugees to demonstrate his power, and even some outstanding exploits also because a small mistake and executed. The young prince, Lucas, was aware of his father's transformation very early, but many of the dissuade was in vain. Until the elder sister Hella - the greatest wizard father and sever the relationship between father and daughter angrily away, the astrological City, Lucas knew that the father has been regarded as hopeless.

               Facing the counter attack of mankind, Ulysses, the king of the black dragon, began to stir up the alliance between the human and the elves. He sent a small team to form a human form, attacking the Elven shrine, the temple of the moon, winning a lot of combat readiness resources and transporting it back to the human army. The frontline commanders who were bribed were dismissive of the questioning of the elves officers, and the arrogant attitude of Freeman I at the negotiating table also shamed the elves. ELF KING Harrington Freeman saw the face of the dragon is not trustworthy, timely throw the olive branch, he led the army to retreat from the west. On the other hand, King Pammel the spirits of what happened in the dreamland will tell the souls of the temple of the mountains in the heart of Odin, angry generals immediately announced from the human alliance, to withdraw from the east.

               By the power of Freeman I to become dizzy with success, Pammel declared war on the kingdom of the Elven Kingdom, led by the central army in the East and west plain and wailing army launched counter insurgency war". Lucas realized that the irrational father has made the entire continent in the world in jeopardy, Freeman again won the war, ordered the execution of all the prisoners when this prince Lucas with a sword from behind pierced the father's armor, the other nails on the ground. The tyrant has not yet had time to react before another sword hit the invisible head. The crown landing, shrill screams into the sky, the wind eventually weakened into regret crying. The dark king has fallen from this. The two sword was later called the "kingslayer sword" and "patricide sword".



               Wailing plain after the battle, the elves and the kingdom of Palmer back into the camp, Prince Lucas served as supreme commander of the camp, and to the magic of "astrology city" chief rabbi Gissing for help, seek methods of "eternal crown". After months of speculation, the grand master found an old and dangerous rescue way -- time. He used the eternal crown in Hades soul shard signed a "King contract" - once out of the underworld, Hades time will always stay in that day, cross-border cycle, no tomorrow. In this way, an unprecedented crisis has been quietly resolved, although anger was temporarily out of Hades, had died down.

               Old Freeman did not die for his son's behavior was resentment, on the contrary, the crown landing the moment he saw the ghost of his countless scold, intense remorse welled up in my mind. He took off the crown forever, and picked up Fu Wenjian "emperor of the emperor", who had been accompanied by his or her sins, and began to wander around with the identity of the "dark king".

               Lucas - Freeman II was the rebels beheaded shortly after the punishment, "regicide" and "patricide" charges that his spirits of permanent wandering in the world has become a "headless knight".

               That father and brother died soon in Hella inconsolable, magic is dying, after the death of Pluto's hospitality, but she refused to serve as the chief undead Archmage's invitation, become the only request Styx ferryman, looking forward to one day meet dear souls home......

               The chaos war lasted nearly ten years, and ultimately to human camp a narrow, all forces suffered heavy losses, grounded in the underworld Hades end.

               Although mankind has become the relative winner of the war, it has also paid a heavy price. The great destruction of the kingdom of Pammel and the change of regime in the kingdom of Freeman led to the involvement of the chief master in the "astrological city".

               The orcs are scattered into many tribes, and they can no longer form a force of threat. The wobble of the elves in the war were liquidated after the war and were expelled from their own homeland. The dragon is split into factions of the former black dragon, dragon, Dragon Princess represented by the establishment of "Silver Dragon Knights", joined the human camp, the latter fled to the abyss of evil, after a series of events foreshadowed.

               The fire was extinguished, and the prelude to the chaos had just opened...

            The decline of the elves (in 265 BC)

               The elves because of wartime wavering between humans and dragons in the clearing action post-war as to suppress the object expelled from their land, and began the journey of stray sorrow. In order to divert the public's attention and maintain their own rule, the Elven king put forward the new world plan, describing the orcs as inferior and inferior races, leading the army and the masses to the orc territory, enslaving or expelling the orcs, and establishing new Elven countries.

               After three years of war, the orcs are lacking spirit of cooperation or being strangled, crush one by one, or are expelled, the remaining part of the orcs become Elven slaves in the land originally belonged to their own built countless Elven City, temple, temple, began more than 60 years of slavery.



               Under the bloody rule of the elves, the originally scattered Orc tribes began to unite in the dark. Some of the strongest tribes, the leader of the queen and the dark abyss of terrible tyrant reached by trading, Hydra blood pollution residual Horde waters. The infected orcs are transformed into frenzied orcs, strong, warlike, bloodthirsty and cruel, and obedient.

               The drum beats, the orc Legion began to elves comprehensive counterattack, almost overnight, arrogant elves defeated, people almost been slaughtered, only a handful of elves who fled out, hiding in the shelter in the human kingdom.

               The spirit of civilization fell from then.

            The abyss (the seventh invasion 235 years ago)

               The chaos of the war, human forces, coalition forces repelled the Dragon shattered the conspiracy of hades. Because two of mankind's greatest Kingdom, the kingdom of Pammel the king was murdered, the kingdom of Freeman's successor king Lucas assassinated by rebel forces, Hella Princess died, on the problem of the ownership of the fruits of victory has been debated. The result, a new temporary regime established by Lucas's cousin, pro leader Ward Freeman as regent of the kingdom; the original general Palmer - the heart of the mountain, Odin served as colonial secretary position, and Regent Wang Pingqi; former Allied Supreme Command officer Hector Chris as prime minister. The new regime is named after the name of Xindu city instead of Wangcheng. It is called the "no fall Dynasty", which managed the refuge of human territory and elves survivors, and enjoyed nominal control over the areas occupied by orcs.

               The impact of the war has not been completely eliminated, the whole continent is still in a slow recovery stage, and a long - planned disaster has come.


               The tyrant of the abyss led the huge abyss of abyss out of the evil abyss of the east of the continent and attacked the human world. At the same time, in the depths of the tyrant's control, some of the queen led the orc army from the West into the black dragon, Ulysses led the Dragon Legion scored from the north. The three great troops were collectively called the alliance of the abyss, and the people who had just received the breathing opportunity were once again in war.

               Facing the abyss of the powerful coalition, just to recover from the war in the human retreat, retreat to the fall Wangcheng to do the final resistance.

            The world tree seal (in 232 BC)

               Bring the light of hope for the arrival of the Eyre family goddess Shengfu, strong race from the distant "divine star" to inject new vitality of the human alliance, "the Holy Family goddess divine sword" is in the battle spread fame. After three years of war, the United forces of the human race reversed the declining trend of the war, and the abyssal coalition collapsed in the face of this powerful force.

               After the defeat of the three coalition abyss, the devil king: Black Dragon King, Queen, terrible abyss tyrant disposal, and settle the goddess family, became one of the two problems should be solved first, until the goddess clan leader Bernice (Bernice) saw a huge tree standing on the horizon of the world.



               The tree of the world is a huge ancient tree on the continent, and it has gone to death after a lot of war. Bernice will grace star fire - the source of all things in the world tree, and the highest blessing given to protect. The towering tree at once full of new vitality, lush foliage cover, huge roots into the depths of the earth, firmly trapped three spirit, and their strength continuously extracted, on the one hand to weaken the devil's force to prevent the escape of seal, on the one hand, these evil forces, to purify the life force, provide nutrients for the continent's recovery, but also become a source of inexhaustible family goddess of magic.

               After the invasion of the abyss, human beings became the dominion of the continent, and the other nationalities were further marginalized. The continent as "divine Empire", its territory is divided into a plurality of governance by the lord. But in fact, because of the powerful power and appeal of the goddess, the people of the mainland were regarded as gods and became the supreme existence above all the kingship. After decades of construction, the "supreme field" has become a high level residence for the goddess tribe, and the goddess leader, Nie, is also given the "supreme goddess".

            Super plan (in 225 BC)

               The arrival of the goddess brought great changes to the war, and the extraordinary power of the goddess has also aroused the strong curiosity of human beings. As early as the goddess of the dawn of the family, a man by the Prime Minister of the kingdom of Hercules authorized the "super plan" has been implemented. The whole plan was dominated by the third University of astrologer in astrology, trying to enhance human ability by copying the goddess family gene. Of course, the whole plan is carried out in the dark. But the difficulties in seeing the plan node approximation, eager for success of the Grand Council decided to throw the helve after the hatchet.

               The final experiment was carried out in the astrological city a secret place in the University of Sloki, the only female assistant Ella, as well as the supervision of the prime minister Beh Chris. When a cylindrical vessel, to create a transparent crystal of iron from the ground rises slowly when Ella and the prime minister are shocked - this is called the pillar of skulls in the stars fall trapped a dying people goddess. Loki explains, imitation gene with the existing level of scientific ideas can not be completed, but directly from the family goddess of the human body will be extracted elements is feasible, just need a family living goddess as the price, and the crystal column of the goddess tribe, is in the abyss and coalition combat wounded, lured by Loki so far.

               One side is return kindness with ingratitude evil for good moral confusion, with extreme ease super power, the latter choice between prime minister Beh Chris thought, acquiesced in this experiment. However, Ella, a female assistant, could not agree with such a dirty act. After the argument failed, he gave notice to the captain of the Royal Guard and his lover, Quirke, hoping that he could come in time to stop the evil experiment.



               The royal guards were still on the move, and Quirke broke into the lab alone. However, extraction accelerator has been launched, under the bright light, the goddess of people out a piercing cry. Quirke quickly wrestled with Loki, in order to disassociate themselves from the laboratory, Prime Minister Beh Chris quietly evacuated. The tragedy happened, two people fighting triggered the unstable explosion experimental device, caused a chain of nuclear fission super family goddess of the body, a strange shock wave spreading, the whole city was swallowed up by the astrological distortion of space, floating in the void in crushing.

               While the survivors from the shock wave in four, has undergone earthshaking changes. By super nuclear fission, rocky university become a lightning ghosts, after being imprisoned goddess clan; female assistant Ella became a blazing ghost, Captain Quirke became the astral hunter, although two people have almost eternal life, but never touch each other's body; and the first phase of Hercules although midway evacuated, but size and also because of radiation and physical changes, the king and the goddess of family under the condemnation of the mistakes, too late to regret. In the end, he was punished forever with the heavy pillar of the star, and he became the golden gang that guarded the broken void and began a long career of atonement.

            The king of darkness (in 170 BC)

               Under the governance of the supreme goddess, the riots in the Empire gradually subsided, and the whole continent entered the golden age of prosperity. However, under the surface of prosperity hidden undercurrent, after the chaos war, the battle of Eyre Shengfu abyss, spawned countless immortal souls, these spirits in human greed and hatred, dark side thought under the catalysis, born out of an evil and dark side of strong presence - chaotic evil magic. Human use of chaotic evil magic sword of the Holy Family goddess divine heart coveted, waged a war against rebels across the empire.

               In order to maintain the hard won peace, the supreme goddess Bernice led the goddess warrior and the imperial army to declare war on the chaos evil spirits. In the end, the chaotic evil spirit was involved in the whirlpool of "the eye of annihilation" with the God of the gods, brenice.



               After the chaos of evil magic, goddess of fate took over the realm of the gods "supreme goddess" position in accordance with the supreme goddess Bernice's Testament, originally high voice successor of the goddess of light is so angrily away, leaving the realm of the gods.

               Wandering on the land of mankind, the goddess of light meets the love of a lifetime - an ordinary man of human beings. This emotion caused the great discontent of a unique group of the Goddess - the "heaven man".

               The heaven and man are the general name of a special group of the goddess family. They have high IQ and dominate the development of the scientific and technological civilization of the goddess. At the same time, because of his star has a history of several women and other ethnic intermarriage, produce offspring, serious incident adult hybrid power control runaway, triggered a huge disaster, "absolutely pure" to keep the blood has become the goddess clan Unisex consensus, and even become the supreme law and history the goddess clan leaders to ensure that the authority. The "SEED control committee", which is dominated by heaven and man, is also firmly established and has great power. Even if the goddess leaders violate the law, they will be severely punished by the Committee. As a rule the goddess of Li Shi family, committee system also continue to set up in Shengfu Eyre on the mainland.

               Do not put the sister goddess of fate already in the wheel of time saw him the fate of the two, forcing plus control committee chairman Adolf Annapur, she found that she abandoned the goddess of light for some unknown evil. Faced with the sudden appearance of sister, goddess of light of supreme goddess of anger welled up again, she turned a deaf ear to sister so-called prophecy, to defend their love at its death, but to leave the sisters of fate.

               After a few months, the curse of the evil goddess of light's lover, his soul in the endless wailing of falling into the abyss. In the face of life and not undead lovers, goddess of light lost the last bit of reason, the darkness began to devour her soul, her wings and former shadow corrosion, the goddess, degenerated into her most hated monster, from this moment, goddess of light no longer, instead of the darkness.

               The seal battle lasted seven days and nights, runaway darkness not only in the form of change, complete loss of consciousness is temporary, leaving only the desire to kill. Under the siege of the digital goddess, the lost king of the dark was designed to be caught...

               After this battle, the highest field was almost razed to the ground. The control committee declared that an experimental energy leak caused a big explosion. After handling several scapegoats, the truth of the battle was permanently concealed, only in the top secret document.

            Kinship (born in 150 BC)

               The so-called "heaven man" refers to the men of the goddess, who do not have the power of God, but they are only with high IQ, helping the goddess ethnic group to carry out the development of scientific and technological civilization. And through some of the ancient leader Adolf inscription records, always believe in the birth of the first family goddess, "heaven" was also extraordinary power and high intelligence, so will focus on the transformation of human life and the constitution, regain the women as "goddess of divine origin plan".

               Unfortunately, the research team, in the experimental middle solution in addition to the Dark Lord infiltrate the dark minions to seal assembly! Adolf, who was in great danger, was eager to correct his mistakes. He used the "traceable agent" of his semi-finished products, and gained more strength, faster speed and further vision in a short time. Adolf, who was raped with ecstasy, immediately launched a large area of source injection to the clansmen. He wanted to form a powerful elite army to defeat the dark king and seal it.

               However, after a period of time, the terrible side effects of the drug appeared. The injected humans began to attack others crazily, and only blood could make them recover their reason. The Supreme Council sent the goddess of bleeding to look up the matter and to develop a "stop serum" with the help of the lightning ghost Loki.

               "Kindred" was born.



            The goddess of ethnic separatism (in 20 BC)

               With the outbreak of the "king of darkness", the pattern of the relationship between the goddess and the human being began to cause a great deal of controversy.

               The goddess of apocalypse as the representative of a group that is native race blind ignorance, should be ruled by more vision and knowledge of the goddess clan elite, the implementation of more stringent level management system, in order to avoid riots happen again; the goddess of fate as the representative of the school of thought, is precisely the goddess clan of mainland affairs too much intervention leads to people's psychological conflict, advocate low attitude, by human autonomy, goddess play an advisory role.

               At this time, the Dragon Prince dawn and guardian goddess sister Joanna with the birth of the Dragon goddess, tilly. For how to dispose of the mother and daughter, the supreme parliament has undergone serious differences, the goddess insists that according to the Charter of the Apocalypse executed in the dark; the king of the incident vortex center is the goddess of fate sympathy, spared advocate; guardian goddess is consistent with the overall situation, chose to keep silent. The goddess faction prevailed, issued a verdict on the order of the goddess Joanna and her daughter's death, will be executed in three days after the referee Yu Shengen.

               The black Prince friend Zen guards, Luna priests, proud of the edge the team broke into the highest in the field on the day of the execution, vowed to rescue her daughter Joanna. Under the authorization of the goddess of order, the goddess of Apocalypse led the goddess of the sun and the goddess of Blizzard to capture the intruders and surround them step by step. With "I've missed one, can not be wrong second times" the idea of fate finally made the decision, led by the goddess of war Hilliard came to the rescue. Since then, shenting guards led by Apocalypse goddess, goddess of fate led holy Guardian goddess Pro guards sent troops and a neutral, mixed rampage rescue team, in the highest realm launched a remarkable melee.

               In the field of execution within, just a mortal rescue team broke out the amazing power and powerful goddess launched battled apocalypse. Finally, Zen fusion of the Dragon Guard Force India, even beyond the realm of Zen master Hercules, at the same time, the moon priests in an impasse when, with selfless faith revived Elven ancestors responded, all helped to repel the goddess of apocalypse. Under the instruction of the goddess, the frost goddess came out of the field, frozen the whole high field by the wind and snow, and the rescue team and Joanna's mother and daughter took the opportunity to escape.

            The battle of the nine armies (in 20 BC)

               "Grace the change" after the apocalypse, the goddess of guardian goddess, goddess of fate broke his empire, the three goddesses respectively and his followers occupy the territory of a party, and formed three camps.

               Right at the beginning of the new legislation, the entire continent seemingly calm surface is under stormy crisis triggered at any moment.

            At this time, Eyre, Shengfu, grace knight, silver knights, Silver Dragon Knights, Grace Church, SEED, blood, frost control committee of royal family, rye coalition, blood lion tribe, nine forces each bosom figure, banner clusters, family ownership disputes in holy sword of divine goddess, the three camps immediately. In the endless war.

            The goddess (Holy calendar year)

               "The battle of the nine armies fought for twenty years, and no real winners, but around the Apocalypse goddess, guardian goddess, goddess of fate is established in three countries: Apocalypse goddess established storm Kingdom, goddess of fate was established in the Middle Kingdom, the holy Guardian goddess was established in the southwest of jumbo kingdom in the north.

               The three kingdoms are all independent, with the establishment of a new Supreme parliament to mediate. The Three Kingdoms need to obey the order of the supreme parliament unconditionally, which is called the goddess Federation.

               On the "divine sword" attribution, the Supreme Council for the work of craftsmen, will be divided into three, were named as the eyes of the sky and bless the wings, dominate the grip by treasure Kingdom, holy Kingdom, the kingdom of their respective custody storm.