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            Dreaming The World


            Dreaming World, a large round of 2d role-playing online games launched by the DOI network in 2007, began public testing on 24 September 2007.
            Dreaming World Creates a wonderful world of modern and classical blend with a variety of unique games. It is an entertaining virtual world where players can start factories, trade stocks, invent technology, form gangs, subscribe to newspapers, build homes, build flower fields, Wolf Rabbit camps and so on.
            Game Plot
            Nine copies, nine classic storylines.


            1. Qianlizoudanqi
            Benpian in the life of Guan Yu the most popular "pass five pass cut six will" as the main line, trace the thousands of miles to walk alone
            After Shuguanyu was trapped in the Cao camp, how to refuse Cao Cao's generous gift, all the way through the five gates of the six Cao camp will guard, the two sister-in-law safe escort back to Liu Bei side. Guan Yu Riding Red Rabbit Horse, hand brandishing Green Dragon Yanyuan, thousands of miles walking a single ride zhuying and unique martial arts, we can really feel the three countries battlefield of the Headstrong and murderous, Guan Yu's invincible.


            2. Mechanical Empire
            In a mechanical empire made of steel, Sanyo and their Wangzheng waited
            Mechanical Empire
            How will the chivalrous men cope with the landslide at a critical moment in the battle, when the tempestuous blood rages, the Mechanical King Commands his particle Cannon and launches a full-scale attack on the Challenger? Let's see!


            3. PIRATE TREASURE
            An Evil Wind, a pirate, had already paid a great deal of attention to the treasure of the land of dreams, and heard of Mengxiangbo
            Pirate treasure
            The museum is being built with the help of the ship, and is approaching the land of dreams, trying to seize the treasure in the Museum of dreams, the land of dreams launched to defend the treasure general mobilization, the opening of the national treasure battle, the brave return from glacial exploration to give a resounding answer to the behavior of pirates, "No", a decisive battle with evil pirates, can defeat the evil pirates, successfully defend the treasure, look forward to!

            4. INQUIRING TOMBS

            Thousands of years ago, the mysterious King Tutmorse gathered an astonishing number of treasures, which were priceless
            With the death of the Pharaohs, the ancient tombs were buried deep in the Pyramids as funerary objects. People have been searching for this treasure for thousands of years, but it has never been fruitful. ... ... ... ... Thousands of years later, a group of Warriors Dreaming Of the Mainland decided to look at the treasure, facing the dangerous pyramids and difficult challenges, and see how the warriors to crack the curse, unlock the mystery of ancient civilization, the search for a Millennium Treasure.


            5. List of names
            At the end of the period of Yin Shang Dynasty, the profligacy and profligacy of the King Daji, the extensive construction of civil labor and the destruction of wealth, leading to mourning in the world
            List of Gods
            All over the world, the world complained. The King of the martial arts gathered the world's warriors, the rise of the emperor, Benpian used this as the main line, described the chivalrous army under the leadership of Queen Jiang, through a series of epic battles, to overthrow the decadent Shang Dynasty. The cruel and ruthless king, everyone has the right, the king will be exhausted, but still very different, and see how to attack the army, straight to the city of song.


            In Longfengzhen, a happy and sweet couple enter the marriage hall, ready to complete the most important life
            An extraordinary wedding
            The things. A mysterious creature, however, appeared near the wedding and took the beautiful bride on the spot. In order to save the woman he loved, the groom had to fight with the mysterious creatures one after another. When the imminent, embattled time, everyone rushed through time and space, to assist the groom from the mysterious creatures to save the beautiful bride. Who is this creature? Where is it coming from? With a little exploration, you 'll find that the results are unexpected.


            7. Optical overture
            For a long time, the magic clan has been plotting to conquer the human world and then to confront the celestial world, the magic stone appeared to the Devil
            Light Shadow overture
            In order to maintain the peace of the human race, dream of the mainland to send elite troops, brave break into the camp, destroy the magic stone, March on the road and the Sky Guard wild goose wind encountered, the two sides work together to fight back the magic clan guards, when the vanguard of the resistance to the magic, the smooth March, a huge conspiracy with the dew, three suddenly into a scuffle, magic stone hidden in what camp? What is the meaning of Heaven? Who is in charge of that big conspiracy? Suspicion, a magic storm is about to blow up, can you dominate the three boundary dispute?


            8. ANCIENT TRIBES

            In ancient times, there were two major tribes in the Dream Land: The WICCA and the Ru Yun, one evil, one true, the next generation

            ... Ancient tribes.

            There's been a lot of fighting. Near Winter, the Rayun warriors go out hunting, the Dahrik chiefs see the opportunity, the army forces to attack the Rayun camps in three ways, in an attempt to occupy their own, the number of Rayun warriors stationed in the camps far less than the dumping of the Dahrik Army, they are stuck or flinch? Can the WICCA people go straight in? Can the draughts get help from the army?


            9. Clans
            The story that the human spirit is not yet put on again, take you to relive the classic love, feel the scholar and the Beautiful Female Ghost
            A soul
            The Road of love. Ningcaichen, the book student who came to Beijing to test, met with his obsession, both fell in love, but there is always a ghost, but also a Montenegro old devil like obstruction, this road is destined to go uneven, the plot is also a ghost lover hot sausage to help, small Qian can successfully retrieve her urn? Is there a perfect ending to this relationship? WE 'LL SEE!

            Dreamworld is an easy-to-use round-game game game that is more fun to play with than other ARPG-style MMORPG players. Because Dreamworld producers and development teams have plenty of experience in such game development, and add desertification to its development later, both under the game screen and the system have an advantage over other older RPM players, and those who are especially in love with the RPM game will feel a lot better if you're tired of previous games and want to migrate.

            Dreamworld has been developing the game in the form of a month plus hour charge, and has made a lot of attempts to liberalize the level, still can see many outstanding elements. The game pays attention to the unique relaxed experience and strong interactive environment of the Round Table Game, the professional system is also rich and interesting. Over time, the content of dreamworld has been refined, and players have been impressed by perceptive skills acquisition and community sharing. Although the operation experience has continued to be familiar with the players of the classic model, but "Dream World" from the operational revelation played a different unique rhythm from "dream West tour".